Welcome to CE Stoicism

(Cybernetic Ecological Stoicism)

Our project aims to democratically organize both a worldview and a community around that view. We hope to build a conversation of ideas on which a self-sustaining dense network of trust relationships can grow.

This site is organized as an entailment net. It is a collection of linked ideas, where the links show how one idea entails another. (Note: There are some unlinked ideas in the 'Node List' above that need to be linked in). Through a never-ending bootstrapping process, this net can be modified into a more coherent and self-reproducing expression. The CEStoic community democratically creates its own rules about how to change the community's net.

The current state of this worldview (at any time) is always a starting point, and never a complete or unimprovable collection of ideas.

We are building a knowledge commons (a resource + a community + a set of social protocols to maintain the resource and community for the long-term). The resource of this commons is a particular worldview. CEStoicism is a mostly-philosophical worldview built of ideas from:

Please Note: This site meshes with the long pre-existing Principia Cybernetica website (PCw). Parts of this site links to parts of PCw. Because PCw was created long ago and by other people, we used web annotations to add links from parts of PWc to this site and to add notes to PCw pages. To be able to see those links and notes, create a free Hypothes.is↗ account, log in and search for "user:CEStoicism".

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